Body image and young people

27 June 2018

Young people can be vulnerable to believing images of perfection and beauty, which can lead to body image issues. Struggling with body image can impact their mental health over time so it’s something to be taken seriously.

Body image. Note to self. I'm hot

Looking after you; six mental health tips

16 May 2018

Being a parent is stressful. We get so caught up looking after others, that our own needs can get forgotten. If our mental health is good and strong, it can help us to cope with the stresses and demands of everyday life. 

Anxiety and young people

29 March 2018

So far this year, the page on with the most views is the page about anxiety. What is anxiety? Anxiety is a common feeling and a normal reaction to stressful situations. Different things and situations can make us feel nervous, anxious or stressed. All young people (and all us parents!) will experience anxiety at…

Tackling sleep deprivation

15 March 2018

People can have different needs in terms of sleep, but for children and young people especially, getting a good night’s sleep is key.

Preparing for exam time

14 February 2018

With mock exams upon us, your son or daughter may be feeling pressure and, as a parent, you may be feeling anxious and unsure of how best to help.

Ensuring young people adapt to secondary school

21 September 2017

It’s well known now that the transition to secondary school can be difficult for many young people.

small lab in a secondary school

Leaving Cert results night and alcohol

15 August 2017

So it will be a big night tomorrow night, no matter what results your son or daughter gets and in many cases plans will be to head to a nightclub or party.

Leaving Cert results, for parents

13 August 2017

Whatever your son or daughter’s Leaving Certs results are, your job as parent isn’t over yet (!) and your guidance and support are as important now as ever.

Youth Mental Health Ireland Exam Stress

Online sexual coercion and extortion

27 June 2017

Most young people who experience online sexual coercion are too embarrassed to tell anyone. Early detection means a higher chance of catching those responsible.

Talk about alcohol ahead of exam celebrations

20 June 2017

The Leaving and Junior Cert exams are nearly over, and with that, celebrations for young people can mean alcohol is involved.

alcohol cabinet
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