Minding your own mental health

Being a parent can be hard work. Along with supporting your children, it’s important to take good care of yourself.

Youth Mental Health Ireland Minding Your Mental HealthAccording to the World Health Organization, mental health is inseparable from general health. It specifically states “There is no health without mental health”.

Mental health is essential for individual functioning and well-being and contributes to all aspects of human life. Therefore mental health concerns everyone, including yourself.

Looking after your own physical and mental well-being can help you stay calm and deal with stress and conflict, if and, when they may arise.

Causes of stress for parents

While each parent can face their own unique stressors, there a number of factors causing stress for parents nearly experienced universally.

Limited time to fit everything in, financial pressures and your own relationship demands all take their toll on many of us and we can all need extra help from time-to-time. Do remind yourself of that, along with the importance of support for yourself whether you are parenting as part of a couple or alone.

Being worried about someone and not knowing what’s going on can be very stressful, which is why we emphasise open communication as much as possible.

There are also times when you can find the whole family is disrupted by the impact of something one of your children is experiencing.

Looking after your mental health

Along with being able to deal with the stresses of parenting looking after your mental health allows you to fully support your family, while also models and encourages positive mental health.

There are some basic things we all should do regularly to maintain a good level of mental health:

  • Exercise can help you deal with stress as well as keeping you physically fit
  • Socialise with friends, family, or getting involved with groups, local community activities helps you feel connected
  • Learn new skills and challenging ourselves helps us stay mentally active.

Learn more about minding yourself, stress management, problem solving and communication.


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