Staying fit and healthy

Being physically healthy is an important aspect of managing mental health. This is true for everyone, but is especially so for young people.

IMG_6931-300x185Developing healthy habits can go a long way to helping your son or daughter stay fit and healthy as adults.

Positive impact

Being physically healthier can improve a young person’s mental health in a number of ways, including:

Baby steps

Little and often is the best way to incorporate healthier foods, activities and behaviours into life.

The younger your son/daughter is, the easier it can be to encourage them to develop good habits. But, even if they’re a teenager or young adult, your influence as a parent is likely to be stronger than you imagine.

Lead by example

Often, the best way to encourage your son/daughter to improve their overall health is lead by example. Naturally, the place most young people learn behaviours, attitudes and habits is at home.

It can also be more manageable to incorporate change into the household than trying to alter one person’s habit.

Not all misery

Leading a healthier life doesn’t have to just be about lettuce leaves and sweat. Though a bit of each won’t hurt!

All it really takes to make changes is a little imagination. It could be worth trying new foods or activities or maybe working changes into your routine.

Time out

Good quality, regular sleep is essential for a young person’s overall health. Time out to wind down or relax  is also as important.

Rest, along with work and play is a crucial aspect to staying healthy. Balance is the key here, trying not to let your son/daughter get over-worked, over-stimulated or lazy.

Have a look at our sections on eating well and exercise for more information on helping young people stay healthy.

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